Lord Jesus Christ and the Agnya chakra

Shri Ganesha

Shri Ganesha

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.  It took place on the 18th December 1978 in Caxton Hall, London.  To visit a  Sahaja Yoga meeting near you, please go Global Sahaja Yoga meetings

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And it is the most important incarnation because he is the principle. He is the principle of creation. The Tattwa as they call it in Sanskrit language. He is the tattwa. Ganesha, who resides in the Mooladhara gradually evolves to be Christ at this stage. From that red chakra up to this chakra he became the Christ. He is the principle. Now what is the principle? Within us what is our principle? Is say the kundalini you can say? In this the electricity is the principle of this one is. In the same way the creation, the whole creation if you take it as such, it is the principle and the support of this creation. He represents the essence, the essence of creation. Like we can say we have a family, husband and wife and the child. Now the child is the essence of husband and wife. He is the essence of the family, of the house. The whole thing is sustained for him, is created for him. Till they did not have the child there was no meaning to that house, no meaning to their life. But when they had a child then they had a meaning.

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You get your wholesomeness

Sahaja Yoga founder Shri Mataji

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi which took place on the 24th July 1979 in Caxton Hall, London.

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I say in Sahaja Yoga you get your Self-realization. No money is to be given or taken. As a by-product, you get your health alright. Of course your material things also are alright. Many things improve as a blessing of Sahaja Yoga. But the real thing that happens to you is that you get Self-knowledge. You get Self-realization. That there is light enlightened within you, and you start seeing yourself, your centers and the centers of others because you also get contacted with the whole, you get your wholesomeness.

This is what Sahaja Yoga has to offer to you and if you want to have that, please have it. The rest of it is just a by-product, because if there is a light you do not falter, you walk straight. You don’t say, “My legs improved because there were lights.” No. “My eyesight improved because of my light. Because there were no light there was a problem.” As soon as there is a light everything becomes alright and you start understanding the whole, you know how the whole thing is and you start walking straight and you know where to sit, and what is the chair and what is the person.

This is what you are seeking, then you are a seeker and you are a true seeker and you are to be blessed and it’s my job to see to it that you reach there. You get your own powers, not of your guru but of your own. And that you understand yourself you get your Self-knowledge and the knowledge of the whole. But if you are not that, my children, I am sorry, you are still a baby in the seeking, you have to still grow more, and grow more, and then you come to me when you are grown enough. Otherwise it’s a headache to work on a person like that, or to give them Self-realization or anything whatsoever. They are using sometimes Sahaja Yoga for curing people. You do get cured, no doubt. Even cancer can be cured with Sahaja Yoga. It can be. It can only be cured by Sahaja Yoga. That’s the point in it. But again it will come back to you. We cannot promise, guarantee anything. Unless and until you rise in Sahaja Yoga and become the master of Sahaja Yoga we cannot guarantee. You may get back the disease again. Sahaja Yoga meditation article continued »


You are seeking your fulfillment

Sahaja Yoga founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about seeking your fulfillment.

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Those who go to gurus and say, “Mother, will you please give a job to my son,” then you don’t know what to say, you should say to such a person, “Now my child, you are not yet fit, you are not yet mature to come down yet.” Or if you go to someone to ask for, say, a diamond ring. Or anyone says that I give diamond ring in the name of God, and you are quite satisfied with such an answer, then you are no good as a seeker, no good. Useless for Sahaja Yoga specially. Or somebody who says, “I will cure you” and for curative you go to someone – alright, the person may cure you, but you are no good as a seeker. Why should God cure anyone who is not seeking God? I mean, why should I repair this instrument if it is not going to carry my voice? Or else some of you, if you go to a guru, and if he tells you a story like this, that you have to pay me some money for this, because if you don’t pay me money you cannot be involved into this kind of a thing, you better slap such a guru on his face and tell him that “What do you think of me?” It’s complete indignity to your seeking. He wants to involve you through taking money from you. Can’t you see that he is insulting you by saying that you are such a materialist, that when you give me money then only you will be attached to seeking of God? Just think of it. All such arguments people give you and if you accept them and if you follow such gurus you cannot mature for seeking. Sahaja Yoga meditation article continued »

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What are you seeking?

Please enjoy the following extract of a Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi which took place on the 24th July 1979.

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Yesterday, I met a lady, and she told me that she was seeking God. I said, “What do you think of God, what are you seeking?” When we say we are seeking, do we know what are we supposed to seek, and do we understand how we are going to feel our seeking complete, that we have reached the destination? As last time, I told you that seeking has to be genuine, from a genuine heart, and that you cannot purchase, or you cannot put in effort about it. But today I would like to tell you what are we seeking.

Let us see how the seeking comes within us, from where? As shown here, there is a center called as Nabhi chakra, which is here in the center Nabhi chakra, which is placed in our spinal chord, and manifests the solar plexus which is placed mid-way under your navel. This is the center that creates the seeking within us. Seeking is only possible when something is living. For example, what is the seeking of this chair? It cannot think, it cannot move, you can put it here or you can put it on the street. You can smash it and throw it away, again use that wood for some other purpose or make a stool out of it. It has no seeking of any kind. Only when a thing becomes a living being like a amoeba you can take a uni-cellular egg. It starts manifesting seeking because it is supposed to seek. Not the dead. So those who say we are not seeking are as good as dead. Those who say we are seeking are living and also kicking. Sahaja Yoga meditation article continued »


When the ego covers the Sahasrara it stops the kundalini

Shri Mataji, who founded Sahaja Yoga

Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in which Shri Mataji discusses the effect of ego on the kundalini.

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You don’t have to judge others, just see yourself, because it is for your own good. If somebody is egoistical makes no difference to you. Or non-egoistical makes no difference; only thing is you should really see for yourself what is good and what is bad. That’s how it works out. Otherwise, I as always say that when I give a lecture immediately we start thinking about somebody whom we think to be egoistical. Actually I’m saying to each one of you to see it, would be a better idea.

Now this ego when it covers your entire head, the complete Sahasrara which is shown there – the white area gets covered; your Brahmarandra, the portion from where the kundalini has to pierce also gets covered. It’s very difficult the whole thing is covered, and this is small here, the gap is here, now, you cannot open the gap here, you have to open the gap here. So this has to go back like that, and this has to come up in the center like that. Then only kundalini can come up. So what happens at such stage, you will find such people have a left hand very weak and right hand throbbing. So you raise their left, put to the right; again raise their left put to the right, again raise their left put to the right, so you bring down the ego like this. And once the ego comes down then this comes up and the gap comes in between and then you raise the kundalini in the center, kundalini will come out and then you tie it up. Sahaja Yoga meditation article continued »

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